2015 ABTA Doctoral Researcher Awards

ABTA is delighted to announce the winners of the 2015 ABTA Doctoral Researcher Awards (DRA) competition. This year there was strong competition for this award with 156 applications from 49 universities in the UK and the quality was exceptionally high, so we thank all who took part.

The award ceremony started with 2015 DRA Programme Chair, Dr Hasan Yardimci's welcome speech at UCL's Darwin Lecture Theatre on Saturday, 16th of May.

Following the welcome speech, the finalists in the categories of Natural & Life Sciences, Management & Social Sciences, and Engineering Sciences stepped on to the platform to present their research. After the presentations of 15 finalists, there was a break for poster session and reception. The finalists and honourable mentions found opportunity to present their researches and to get into touch with selected PhD students and audiences.

After the break, Professor Denise Lievesley, Dean of Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, King's College London, gave a speech on Tips for PhD Success and Moving on as a researcher after completing the PhD.

Starting the awards ceremony, Honourable Mentions and Awardees announced in each category. The winners were presented their certificates and awards by Dr Firat Batmaz, Professor Denise Lievesley and Professor Charlie Elliott. The award consisted of a certificate and cash prize or £100 Amazon Voucher. Honourable Mentions of each category received a certificate and £50 Amazon Voucher.

The ceremony ended with closing remarks by Dr. Bilal Gokpinar, ABTA Executive Committee member, and finally the audience gave a standing ovation to all winners and organisers of the 2015 ABTA Doctoral Researcher Awards competition.

We would like once again thank all of our sponsors for their continued support of 2015 ABTA Doctoral Researcher Awards. Due to the very high quality of the works received, it has been very hard to select the winners. Nonetheless, here they are and congratulations to you all.


Natural & Life Sciences
1st Yao Lu - University College London
2nd Derrick Roberts - University of Cambridge
3rd Azmil Abdul-Rahim - University of Glasgow

Management & Social Sciences
1st Moritz Pieper - University of Kent
2nd Yuge Ma - University of Oxford
3rd Emek Yuce Zeyrek Rios - University of Huddersfield

Engineering Sciences
1st Ran Cheng - University of Surrey
2nd Deepak Jain - University of Southampton
3rd Sezer Erkilinc - University College London

Honourable Mentions

Natural & Life Sciences

  • Jakub Nowak* - University of Edinburgh
  • Steven Dodsworth* - Queen Mary University of London
  • Anastasia Kisil - University of Cambridge
  • Antoine Maruani - University College London
  • Gerardo Raggi - University of Nottingham
  • Lucy Young - University College London
Management & Social Sciences

  • Adeeba Khan* - School of Oriental and African Studies
  • Xuxin Mao* - University of Glasgow
  • Yin Yang - University of Oxford
  • Haley Beer - University of Warwick
  • Leila Alinaghian - University of Cambridge
Engineering Sciences

  • Jigang Ma* - Liverpool John Moores University
  • Wei He* - Queen Mary University of London
  • Katie Harper - University of Warwick
  • Pawan Shrestha - University of Cambridge
  • Yongfei Cui - Queen Mary University of London
* Who were finalists.