DRA 2022
Call for Committee Members
Join us on the DRA'22 journey!

We are happy to present an excellent opportunity to be involved as a committee member in one of the three DRA committees to evaluate the pool of applications we receive for the DRA 2022.

As part of the DRA, we have three committees that ensure all applicants are correctly assessed, scored, and evaluated. Each committee member will be responsible for the number of applicants assigned to them (around 5-7 each).

The duty of the committee member is to oversee the DRA process to ensure the competition upholds fairness and ensure that the reviewers meet the deadline. As a committee member, you may also be asked to find reviewers for your set of applicants.

The committee members engage in two virtual meetings. One meeting is held right after the deadline to distribute the applicants (June 2022). After the reviewing stage is completed, the second meeting is held to decide the finalists, honourable mentions and recognition awardees (July/August 2022). After the second meeting, the commitment of being a committee member is over.

Each committee works separately from the others. As a committee member, you will work alongside senior academics and post-doctoral researchers, which is an excellent opportunity to network and meet others in your field.

Being a committee member will also ensure that your name appears on the DRA website. You will also receive a certificate to highlight your efforts as a committee member for the DRA 2022 competition.

Please submit the form below and our team will contact you: