DRA 2020 application period is now closed. Good luck to all applicants!
We will be announcing the programme schedule soon!

Doctoral Researcher Awards

A UK wide competition for junior academics!

The application period for DRA 2020 is now closed.
Thank you very much for all those who submitted their applications!
What is DRA?

DRA is a UK wide academic competition which is awarded annually to junior researchers who are pursuing (or have recently completed) doctoral degrees in the UK. It has been organised annually since 2012.

DRA's purpose is to promote and reward academic and scientific excellence among young researchers who will be the world class academics of the future. Indeed, despite being founded less than a decade ago, one is already witnessing the emergence of the leading scientists from the past winners of DRA who have reached the highest ranking positions in the academia.

Over the years, thanks to our supporters, DRA has evolved considerably both in scale and quality. This year we are proud to open the call for the 9th DRA, yet another wonderful journey awaits ahead which will be concluded at the grand ceremony in May. We are indebted to the intellectual support of our reviewers and financial support of our sponsor (Springer Nature and Applied Sciences) and local donators.
Springer Nature
Organisers, Sponsors and Supporters

DRA is made possible by the collaborations of multiple scientific bodies and many dedicated professionals. The main organiser of the DRA is the Association of British Turkish Academics(ABTA). We are deeply grateful to our sponsor Springer Nature and Applied Sciences journal that has generously supported the DRA. We thankfully acknowledge the contributions of the Society of Spanish Researchers in the UK(SRUK) and Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the UK (PARSUK) in the process.
The applicants are rewarded in three main categories.
Natural & Life Sciences

This category includes (but not restricted to)

  • Fundamental Sciences (e.g. mathematics, physics, chemistry etc.)
  • Life Sciences (e.g. all biology related sciences including medicine)
  • Applied Sciences (e.g. geology, atmospheric science etc.)
Engineering Sciences

This category covers all main areas of engineering including

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Materials Science
  • Computer Science
Management & Social Sciences
This category covers all areas of research (quantitative or qualitative) in humanities & social sciences. The category also includes disciplines related to economics and business. Examples are

  • Psychology
  • International relations
  • Operations Research
  • Finance
The Awards!
2nd Place
  • Prize money!
  • Every second place for the three different categories!
3rd Place
  • Prize money!
  • Every third place for the three different categories!
Other prizes
Finalists (4th and 5th) : Amazon voucher and Springer book voucher
Honorable Mentions : Amazon voucher and Springer book voucher
How to apply?
To apply, simply click to Apply button which will take you to the application page. Enter your personal information, upload your documents and submit the form. If you have any questions concerning the requested information or documents please contact us via email.
Application deadline
Apply online by 8 May 2020
Evaluation of applications by the scientific committees
All applications are evaluated by the end of May 2020
Annoucement of succesfull candidates
Candidates are invited to the awards ceremony
Presentations and Ceremony
Oral and poster presentations by the candidates. Keynote speech(es) by the guest speaker(s).
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Email us!
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I've already completed my PhD. Can I apply?
You can apply if it has not been more than one year after your PhD graduation date.
Can I submit an unpublished paper as part of my portfolio?
Yes you can, but published papers would strengthen your portfolio more than unpublished ones.
I have more than one published papers. Can I submit all of them in my portfolio?
Please submit your best paper only. List other papers in your CV.
Can I re-apply if I made an application in the previous years?
Yes you can if you were not awarded in the previous competitions including honourable mention.
Can I apply if I am a first-year PhD student?
Yes, the competition is open to PhD students at all levels.
My PhD work is interdisciplinary, which category should I apply for?
You should submit your application to the category which is most relevant to your work.